Using Beats to Beat Your Competition

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🏌️‍♂️ Using 🎶 Beats to Beat Your Competition on the Course

🏌️‍♂️ Is Trump Making Golf Great Again 👀

🏌️‍♂️ What The Year 1965 Says About Your Chip Shot

Using 🎶 Beats to Beat Your Competition on the Course

First off, this isn’t an invitation to blast your music from your speaker on the golf course.

I’m all for jamming out on the course with the buds but I do have a personal pet peeve of people with bad music taste not remembering that headphones were invented for a reason

Good grief I sound like an old man…

But regardless if you like different music than me there is one thing I know we all enjoy.

And that’s a golf swing that turns heads with how beautiful it looks.

Sep Straka, winner of the 2023 John Deere Classic, has such a shot

He told Golf Digest one of the keys to a consistently good golf swing is pacing which is why he practices with a metronome app on his phone.

While there wasn’t a specific pace he recommended everyone try he did add that not everyone should have the same pace, we all have different strengths that can be utilized in our swing.

If you were to film your swing for example and watch it in slow-motion, you would want to see three things as Rickie Fowler told GD in a separate interview

  • The club less outside on the takeaway

  • More upright at the top of the backswing

  • Not as far behind him on the downswing

⬆️ That final one is where the pacing is most important.

Your club face swings out when you get ahead of it on the downswing.

So the next time you have a minute at the range or in your garage try tracking your swing with a metronome beat.

See how it changes when you come down at different beats and let us know how this changes your swing 👍

Now I’ve got something great for you…

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“I’m stuck inside and can’t hit balls. How do I work on my golf swing?”

That’s a question I hear all the time from golfers, especially since were heading into that time of year.

Here’s my answer…

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Is Trump Making Golf Great Again 👀

Don’t worry this isn’t us getting political over here.

Even if I tried to be, I’d have to repeatedly look up if “far right” means Republican or Democrat and who is even belongs to which party.

And for those who do take politics more seriously, thank you.

I wish I had that patience and intelligence to follow all of it.

Now, I for one am glad I’m not the only one who tries to lie about their golf game.

I mean we’ve all tried to talk up how good we are to others, right?

Like did I really hit a 250 yard drive at the greens last weekend?

There’s definitely the possibility it was 230 at most and the only reason it happened was the most miraculous wind kept my unintentional hook shot in bounds.

We all exaggerate our game every now and then.

Of course I don’t think I have the guts to exagerate about hitting an entire 5,000 yard course better than Phil Mickelson, the pro PGA golfer with 6 major championship titles in his belt.

That’s just how good Ol’ Donald is making golf great again though.

He inspires us to push ourselves in just how much we can fib about our golf skills before being asked to back it up 😂

What The Year 1965 Says About Your Chip Shot

So, I saw this picture when doing my weekly web crawl for the best tips to send you

(A long process as I’m sure you’ve found if you’ve ever done one with how most of them aren’t that great 😂)

Here’s the picture 👇

It was in an article about the great Arnold Palmer and some of his “timeless tips” from some 40 years of golf experience and really focused in on the thing that separates the levels of golfers…


The top-level golfers know how each of their clubs land on the green.

Got a flat 15-yard chip shot?

Know which club gets you there.

Is there an upwards slope?

Know how this changes your club choice.

Obviously, this doesn’t take into consideration the impact your swing has on your shot.

But hopefully you get the idea.

For those that want to get to the next level in their golf game, and finally show it to the friend or family member who always finishes a few strokes above you, this is likely going to be the key.

In a 1965 Golf Magazine these were his 2 ways of knowing if the chip shot called for a wedge or simple 5-iron.

1️⃣ If the distance between the ridge and the pin is “at least 10 feet” then lob that sucker up

2️⃣ However, if the pin is just a few feet from it then break out the break out the 5 or 6-iron and run it up the greens.

For me personally, I have wayyyy too much faith in my lob shot so I’ll undoubtedly be trying this one out the next time I make it out to the course.

And in all honesty my 5-iron probably even has cobwebs on it at this point.

That’s all for today. Thanks so much for reading ya’ll.

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