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  • Unlock the secret to that PGA-worthy swing (spoiler: it's not what you think)

Unlock the secret to that PGA-worthy swing (spoiler: it's not what you think)

Unearth the secret behind every pro's swing, tee up with side-splitting golf tunes, and a trivia that'll stump even the avid golfer. Ready to elevate your game?

From arms to hips, today we're diving into the mechanics of a killer swing. Ready to take your game from just duffing around to PGA-worthy dazzle? Let's drive it home.

Also, get set for a ride through:

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So, ready to tee off? Grab your putter, and let's hit the green. ⛳️

Trivia Question: On October 12, 1997 who broke the record to become the youngest player to win the Masters Tournament? (extra points if you can guess there age.) Answer Below.

🏌️‍♂️ From Duffer to Dazzler

Getting your arms and hips in sync

The other day, we swung into the importance of not neglecting your arms.

Today, we're driving deeper—making sure every swing isn’t just an "All Arms" affair (shout out to The Golf Distillery for that catchy term).

The key takeaway?
Short arms, Full swing.
Surprised? Let's break it down.

🏌️‍♂️ The Power Source
You see, the power in our swing doesn’t come from our arms stretching into oblivion. It's all about leveraging our body – and doing it RIGHT.

For a deeper dive, Chris Ryan Golf's video is a treasure, showcasing what it looks like when your body parts sing different tunes.

🔄 Turn or Rotate? Know the Difference
To "Swing Full", you gotta know the difference between TURNING and ROTATING.

Rotate? Twist that torso. Yep, just like you did in your chair just now.
Turn? That's a full-body dance—from your head-turning shoulders to those tapping feet.

Need a visual? Check this out:

Notice the weight dance? From trailing foot to leading foot. Ask yourself: How does your weight shift when you swing?

The truth is, many golfers hardly think about it. And sure, you might "arms" a shot with your irons or woods. But when you're inches from breaking your record? Every shot’s a golden ticket.

Think of your swing like a car's gas pedal.

Ease into it—no need to floor it like this:

🤔 Weekend Challenge:
Next time you're on the greens, be mindful of your balance. Remember, it's not about static swings with iron legs. Use those arms for power and turn those hips for speed.

If this is something you’re looking to work on this weekend there’s also a really good 60-second drill Mark Crossfield posted on YouTube.

Let us know down below as well what’s the next part of your game you’re wanting to focus on!

What are you focusing on next for your golf game?

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⛳️ Fairway to Heaven

With fall golf here and living in Utah this place becomes one the best golf destinations. Check out some of the views the Mountain Dell Golf Courses provide.

It’s nearly impossible to find a municipal golf course that is in fantastic condition, has amazing scenery, and a great pace of play. Mountain Dell EXCEEDS all 3. If you don’t have time to get out to Salt Lake City this year, it needs to be at the top of your priority list next spring-fall. An 11/10 experience

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Is this the greatest golf music video ever made?

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Trivia Answer: Tiger Woods was 21 years and 104 days old when he broke the record to become the youngest player to win the Masters Tournament. He surpassed the previous record set by Jack Nicklaus in 1965, who won at 23 years and 186 days. Tiger’s win wasn’t just about breaking records; it was a landmark moment in the game we all love. He swung his way into history as the first African American golfer to snag a win at the Masters, kickstarting a new chapter of diversity on the greens. His victory sent a ripple through the hearts of young golf hopefuls, and cemented his legacy as the GOAT of golf.

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