Tiger Woods on LIV Golf PLUS New clothing line

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Trivia Question: If you have scored an albatross on a hole with a par of 5, how many strokes did you use? Answer Below.

🏌️‍♂️ From Duffer to Dazzler

3 Steps to Straighter, Further Driver Shots

Speaking from first hand experience…

I haven’t played a full 18 holes in a minute.

I live in the great state of Idaho currently and while we have plenty of beautiful of golf courses here, we also have plenty of beautiful snow.

So it’s been a while since I’ve heard that beautiful sound of a pure driver shot slamming the ball off the tees.

In honor of me missing out on that sound then I thought we’d get into some tips on hitting drivers both straighter and further.

Just in case it’s been a while since you’ve heard that sound from your own driver…

You can listen to this video for a pleasant reminder

It’s literally titled Golf ASMR…

Sad to say it was on my “recommends” and that even YouTube’s algorithm knows I’m addicted to this game 😂

So if you want to hear that sound more often, here’s three steps for just that.

Step #1: Check Your Grip. When you grab your club you should be able to see at least two, optimally three, of your lead hands knuckles. A lot of golf coaches I’ve been listening to and reading talk about this point a lot. If you can ensure your club is less on your inner palm and closer to where your fingers connect to your palm you’ll over rotate your wrists less. You’ll know your club is too far in the center of your palm if your forearms are pointed to the sky or you lead with your shaft when coming down from your backswing.

Step #2: Swing straight back. This one might just be the most difficult step to follow because it sounds so simple yet is so difficult to master. Everyone of us thinks we look like Tiger lining up for a straight bomb down the middle when in reality we look like this 👇.

Luckily, we have years of people studying the swings of pros and newbies alike to help us know exactly what makes people do this and how to fix it. If you find yourself struggling with swinging straight back then you’re likely too stiff in your feet. Early last year Paul Wilson Golf made a great video on this if you want to check it out. What Paul recommends is spending time slowly practicing swinging at 50-70% of your normal speed and try to emphasize transferring weight from your front foot to your back foot on the downswing. If you can consistently hit 100+ yards straight with this technique then increasing speed to normal will help engrain that muscle memory.

Step #3: Swing straight forward. Most people over emphasize their hips and don’t focus enough on their core when they swing. They try to rip it like McllRoy but end up shanking it like you’re trying to do a trick shot into the neighbor’s cat. This intense body movement sacrifices speed for accuracy. Be sure you are engaging your core in your swing as opposed to just using your hips. The next time you have time at the gym then, I recommend checking out this video to make sure your “Dad Gut” isn’t the kryptonite to your driver swing.

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 🤓 Clubhouse Critiques

Tiger Woods on LIV Golf PLUS New clothing line

I feel I need to begin this one with an apology.

I truly try not to always be talking about Tiger Woods.

He is definitely a huge part of the game we love and his impact on the sport can not be understated.

But I also want to be sure I’m not letting what he accomplished overshadow what other players in the sport have done and are doing today.

Case and point, Dustin Johnson literally gave his $400 wedge to a kid in the parking lot after the tournament this last weekend.

I mean that’s just some cool stuff.

So with that off my conscience I can now get into Tiger Woods’ big weekend.

He initially made a big SPLASH with his announcement of his new clothing line Sunday Red.

Something you undoubtedly have been hearing about already.

Though you also heard it from us here at Just The Tips where we made that prediction last year.


We’re big time Golf Journalists here.

Basically best buds with Tiger and got invited to design Scottie Scheffler’s new home golf course 💁‍♀️😂

But this is great news for the golf game as it helps players see the opportunities they have themselves.

Hopefully this also helps even advance the gear people like you and me get when it’s designed by golfers for golfers.

On top of Tiger breaking new ground with this announcement he also made another comment about the whole LIV and PGA situation going on.

You see, LIV golf didn’t have as good of a week as the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Of course some are saying the event was more frat party than golf tourney, but for those who replied to Tuesday’s poll you all seemed to enjoy it!

But LIV Golf had a tournament this weekend just a few hundred miles away from Phoenix where "it drew roughly 20,000 fewer viewers than the Kansas State-BYU basketball game”

Now I graduated from BYU and I didn’t even know they were playing this weekend 😂

So this might just be a problem for LIV Golf.

And while they have all the money in the world, Tiger says money isn’t what the PGA needs from them anymore after SSG’s 3 billion dollar investment earlier this year.

What matters most now is that LIV Golf has numerous BIG names that I would love to see go head to head with the rest of the PGA players.

For me, this is all it comes down to.

I want to be able to see whatever matchups would be most interesting as soon as we can.

It’s becoming similar to the world of boxing.

There are too many owners who won’t let the greats compete because they’re not getting a big enough slice of the pie.

⛳️ Fairway to Heaven

😂 Mulligan Memes

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Trivia Answer:

Two strokes

An albatross, often called a "double eagle," occurs when a golfer completes a hole three strokes under its designated par. In other words, if you manage to sink the ball in two strokes on a par-5 hole, you've achieved an albatross.

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