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We’re Talking Foursomes (Not THOSE kind) & Putters Smoother Than Butter

Alright, alright get your head out of the gutter. Oh and you know what rhymes with gutter...PUTTER (Responsible for 40% of your score 👀)

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🏌️‍♂️ It’s time for putters smoother than butter

😂 Don’t be THAT Golf Partner…

📺 Are Foursomes as Fun to Play as They Are To Watch?

🏌️‍♂️ It’s time for putters smoother than butter

Question time: What kind of putter's in your bag? And nope, we're not sliding into your inbox for a cheeky promotion.

But, that tiny question holds more gravity than you might think. Instead of asking "Which putter do you use?", it's high time you switched to, “Which putter should you use?”.

The real juice of this convo? Scroll a touch and you’ll find it.

But first! A reality check.

If you’re putting with the same club you got in that big ol’ set years ago, you might want to rethink. Remember the saying, "A putter is a putter is a putter"? Shakespeare? No? Okay, maybe I made that up. 😜

Here’s the deal:

Moral of the story? The more you ace at golf, the tighter your putter game needs to be.

How to pick your partner in putting? Before we dive into that, a light-hearted roast. We've all been that guy chasing the latest “innovative golf tech” after one bad shot. C'mon, you know who you are!

Now, drum roll...

The most crucial tidbit about putters: Face-Line Impact. In simpler terms? How the club's face impacts your shot. And the aim? Straight as an arrow.

“Groundbreaking, Captain Obvious!” you're probably smirking. But, here's the thing—most folks don’t know how to figure which putter’s their golden ticket.

Next golf shop visit, give this a whirl:

1️⃣ Draw a straight line along a golf ball about half the diameter

2️⃣ Place the ball next to a spare club or straight rod

3️⃣ Take your normal stance and hit the ball like you’re going for a 5 foot putt

4️⃣ Repeat 4 times and change clubs, rinse, repeat.

A biggie: Putt like you’d do on the course, not like a PGA star because a salesman's watching. And, if you need a guide, Mr. Short Game Golf has a killer video walking you through this.

It's not about brand or build. It’s about your shot.

So whether you like an Insert or a Milled head, a Faced Balanced or a Toe Balanced, or any other combination…

All that matters is, sinking the ball.

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😂 Don’t be THAT Golf Partner…

Okay, I know we all hit our ball out of bounds every now and then…

But you know that friend who, no matter how many balls he brings, will be asking for one of yours by hole 13.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with form that most closely fits the mold of,

“You almost had it”

And lastly,

I sadly am this kind of player 😂

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📺 Are Foursomes as Fun to Play as They Are To Watch?

Missed the Ryder Cup last weekend and our spicy takes?

First, shade alert: Based on feedback, we’ll scale down on mega tournament coverage. 🧐

Now to the fun part:

Ever watched golf that's equal parts exhilarating and nerve-wracking? Enter: Foursome or Alternate Shot Golf.

Picture this:

You tee off, and then... the baton's passed to your buddy. That hole's destiny? Entirely in their hands. One misstep? Heartbreak. A miraculous save? Elation.

This weekend served up a rollercoaster. Pro-level players, faces scrunched in agony as partners botch simple shots. And the next minute? Ecstasy, when they sink a miracle putt. This ain't your Sunday putt-putt with the fam.

Believe us: golf stakes get very real. Each shot is like:

But here's the million-dollar question:

Is it more fun to watch or play? 🤔

For context, I'm the live version of that GIF every time I'm on the greens.

I feel that heart-in-mouth sensation every time I play. Each shot's a reminder of the hours and $$$ I've poured into this sport. And yet, there’s this unbeatable rush when you nail that tricky putt.

Back to Foursomes:

If you and your pals want a twist, especially on an off day or when you've got a bit of time post your regular round, this is it.

18 holes? Maybe a bit too intense. (No one wants friendships in the hazard). But a local challenge course round with close buddies? Game on.

The silver lining?

If you can crush that drive when your partner’s already given up, you’re prepped for any golf curveball.

So, the tee's in your court. Would you dabble in Foursomes? Drop your thoughts below. ⛳👇

Would You Play a Few Rounds of Alternate Shot??

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Maybe I’ll add in a few of the best golf bets I’ve seen for you to try next week as well 😉

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