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  • Straighter, Further Driver Shots and Netflix gets into LIVE Golf Tournaments

Straighter, Further Driver Shots and Netflix gets into LIVE Golf Tournaments

Got your golf gloves ready? 'Cause I've handpicked a smorgasbord of golf gold for you today. Here's a little preview of the clubhouse chat we're diving into:

  • 🏌️‍♂️ 3 Steps to Straighter, Further Driver Shots

  • 🤓 Netflix is hosting their own Golf Tournament??

  • ⛳️ Is this your DREAM Fall golf trip.

Keep scrolling for your Daly fix of golf nuggets, swing secrets, and yes, a splash of drama to spice things up. Let's get the ball rollin', shall we? ⛳

Trivia Question: What is the oldest golf course in the world? Answer Below.

🏌️‍♂️From Duffer to Dazzler

3 Steps to Straighter, Further Driver Shots

Last week I sent out a poll that got a LOT of feedback from you all.

I asked what mostly everyone is working on this week and the vast majority said it was your DRIVER, so that’s what we’re working on today.

And what we’re hoping to consistently get is that crisp sound of your ball being taken clean off your tee with your club face square.

Just in case it’s been a while since you’ve heard that sound from your own driver…

You can listen to this video for a pleasant reminder

It’s literally titled Golf ASMR…

Sad to say it was on my “recommends” and that even YouTube’s algorithm knows I’m addicted to this game 😂

So if you want to hear that sound more often, here’s three steps for just that.

#1 Check your grip

#2 Swing straight back

#3 Swing straight forward

Yup, we’re keeping it that simple today.

But the biggest reason people mess up their drive is because their shots look like this guy…

Notice how uneven every part of his swing is.

While this is obviously an exaggeration, it’s not far from reality for a lot of people out there.

When you focus on each of those 3 things above you not only correct the path your club comes in at but also increase the power of your shot!

And here’s where we work on each of these steps 👇

#1 Check your grip

When you grab your club you should be able to see at least two, optimally three, of your lead hands knuckles.

A lot of golf coaches I’ve been listening to and reading talk about this point a lot.

If you can ensure your club is less on your inner palm and closer to where your fingers connect to your palm you’ll over rotate your wrists less.

You’ll know your club is too far in the center of your palm if

❌ Your forearms are pointed to the sky


❌ You lead with your shaft when coming down from your backswing

#2 Swing straight back

One of the biggest things that prevent people from swinging STRAIGHT back is they’re off balance when they line up their shot.

We know we’re suppose to look like this

Credit to Rotary Swing

BUT that’s not how things end up going…

And that’s because when we have our ball lined up on our front foot we lean forward to compensate for the strange position.

Instead what we need to do is allow our trailing hand to lower down the shaft from our lead hand, and also slightly dropping our trailing shoulder.

Doing this will allow you to achieve the goal everyone has of looking like the 3rd shot in that picture above.

You want your club to make contact with the ball at the very bottom of your swing.

Otherwise it hooks out left as your club head is ahead of your swing or shanks out right as your club head is behind your swing.

With those two steps your shots will be straighter than ever before.

Now, let’s get to the final step so we can focus on that power.

#3 Swing straight forward

When you read this step what were your thoughts?

Because most people think only about finishing with that perfect pose at the end they forget that the “pose” is the least important part of our swing.

Let’s go back to the picture above to illustrate what I’m talking about…

See how the shot on the left finishes with straight arms, weight transferring to that front foot?

Most people skip right to the end.

✅ Swing your arms straight through the shot up to the top


✅ Drop your arms to assume the “PGA Pose” if you must

Your shot finishes at the top of your swing, not with the club behind your head and your hip flexer pulled

Another way to think of this is to use your hips less and your core more.

The picture above has his hips still pointed to the target so all of the momentum stays straight until he finishes.

So to recap…

#1 Check your grip

#2 Swing straight back

#3 Swing straight forward

And if you still want to hit your shots further I’ve got a tip ready for Tuesday next week where we’ll talk about the best exercises off the course to improve your “golf strength” before the next weekend’s Halloween Tournaments

Which if you’re excited about that then be sure to let me know down in the comments below 👇

🛒 Fairway Finds

Sub-headline to introduce the products. (Use the Google Bard script in Notion to help out)

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🤓 Clubhouse Critiques

Netflix is hosting their own Golf Tournament??

That’s right you read that right.

And it’s not another documentary…

It’s a LIVE Golf match you can tune in to on November 14th!!

The competition will be a doubles match and will “feature four PGA Tour pros and four Formula 1 golfers competing against each other” according to Yahoo Sports.

All of the competitors in this tournament (ironically) were all stars in Netflix’s various docuseries about their respective sports.

So this is obviously a great marketing move from the higher ups who put this together.

That being said, I am a sucker for celebrity doubles matches with PGA players.

As I said before when Tom Holland and Chris Pratt took to the greens and cursed like sailors on LIVE television…

There’s just something therapeutic about it.

But we’ll just have to see how entertaining the match is between Formula 1 racers and PGA Golfers next month.

The roster will be as follows:

From the PGA Team ➡️ Rickie Fowler, Max Homa, Collin Morikawa and Justin Thomas

From the F1 Team ➡️ Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, McLaren’s Lando Norris, Williams’ Alex Albon and Alpine’s Pierre Gasly

Netflix has also come out that each of these F1 racers are fairly avid golfers themselves.

So just in case you thought your sport / hobby was too expensive…

At least your driver doesn’t have a multi-million dollar price tag on it like an F1 driver does


⛳️ Fairway to Heaven

Do you have any fall golf dream trips?

😂 Mulligan Memes

In case you didn’t feel called out enough in the golf tip for the day 😂

For those golfing this weekend with “if-y” weather I hope you won’t relate to this next one

And if you’re sitting around with your golf buddies after a cold evening around the course…

Might I suggest bringing the game to the bonfire 👀

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Trivia Answer: The Old Course is located in St. Andrews, Scotland, and is the oldest golf course in the world, dating back to the 15th century.

It has hosted the Open Championship more times than any other course (29 times), and is considered to be the birthplace of golf.

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