New Golf Queen Crowned & Thomas' Romantic Analogies

📰 Ruoning Yin #1


Hold onto your golf hats, folks! The leaderboard's got a fresh face at the top. At just 20 years young, "Ruoning 'Running the Game' Yin" has tee'd up to the No. 1 spot this 2023. Thanks to her sizzling play at the Kroger Queen City Championship, our girl managed to move up and take out American Lilia Vu.

Yin is China’s first world No. 1 since Shanshan Feng achieved the feat in November 2017, holding the No. 1 position until next April.

😂 The EX-Girlfriend Analogy


Justin Thomas, with 15 PGA Tour wins, hasn't seen a victory since the PGA Championship in 2022. Despite three top-10s this year, he narrowly missed out on advancing to the first playoff event in Memphis.


Thomas was at home in Florida, hoping his strong 6-2-1 Ryder Cup record would be enough for a captain's pick from Zach Johnson for the upcoming matches. Thomas likened his anxious wait to reach out to an ex-girlfriend. Thomas said, “I told Zach after the fact that I compared it to like … if you had an ex-girlfriend that you were trying to—you were trying to find any excuse you could to reach out to them to get in contact. That’s pretty much how I felt like with Zach.


Describing the eventual call from Johnson as a massive relief. Having had five weeks off, Thomas has been working on his swing, refuting claims of a split from his father/coach. Now ranked 24th globally, Thomas is eager to play in the Fortinet Championship before the Ryder Cup.


#1 Gauge the Slope of the Green: No green is perfectly flat. Take a look at the green and gauge the overall direction of the slope.


#2 Take A Look Around Your Putt: The read around your ball will be the most important one. Take a moment to walk and feel the slope with your feet. It will give you a great idea of how the ball will move.


#3 Determine the Slope Around the Hole: Imagine pouring water into the hole and it is overflowing, which direction would the water flow?


#4 Visualize the Path of the Ball: Run through how the ball will perform. The more challenges and problems you can find and learn to fix


#5 Every Single Putt is Straight: All the hard work is done, now it is time to put it into action!


Now is the time to go Confident and kill it …

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