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  • From PGA Wins to Spiderman's Golf Mishaps: This Week's Tee-rrific Roundup

From PGA Wins to Spiderman's Golf Mishaps: This Week's Tee-rrific Roundup

Discover how Sahith Theegla clinched his PGA title with a unique fan club, why even Spiderman has his off days on the green, and YOU get to choose our next pro tip. Dive into this week's exciting golf escapades! 🚀

In Today’s Issue:

🏌️‍♂️ Theegla takes the Fortinet championship

🏌️‍♂️ Your Choice of Tips

🏌️‍♂️ Proof Even Marvel Heroes Have Bad Days on The Course

Theegla takes the Fortinet championship

This weekend Sahith Theegla took his first PGA Tour title

The 25-year old held a solid lead throughout most of the weekend tournament but excelled the most with his seriously impressive birdie game that gave him a 2-shot lead almost the entire way from the fifth hole to the end.

He’s got a real calm about him when he plays and it’s almost awe-inspiring how cool he is throughout the whole game.

He comically commented on how he has a “Short-Term Memory” on and off the course that helps with this.

But I’m sure it also had a lot to do with the crowd he brings with him to each hole.

And I’m not talking about the fans he’s picked up over the years.

While I’m sure the Golf Groupies flock to him everywhere he goes, I’m talking about the almost 30 family members he had at the match.

Something I know I could never have around when I play golf as my family is what you’d call…loud.

Then when you put THIRTY of us in the same place it’s a recipe for getting kicked off any course 😂.

Luckily, his family has more restraint than mine does and is even something he credits with his success.

Restraint being a conservative word as almost every news source highlighted how they could all see (and even hear) his dad “howling and smiling” when he gained a critical lead in the first 5 holes.

It adds a whole other level of motivation to focus on your drive and putt when every time you look up you see your dad who immigrated from India himself.

With this win in the bag though he’s secured himself a spot in the Masters tournament this year (along with a nice $1.51 million check).

He’ll definitely be another person to keep our eyes on in the upcoming tournaments.

Proof Even Marvel Heroes Have Bad Days on The Course

Tom Holland, everyone's favorite web-slinger, hit the greens this weekend with his brothers and filmed the whole thing.

Now, I’m not a fan of paparazzi or into obsessing over Hollywood stars between projects.


I do love seeing famous people snap and swear while playing golf 😂

Definitely makes me feel better about the times I’ve done the same and helps me justify it to myself lol.

Of course this isn’t to say the Hollands are bad golfers, these guys can carry their weight and then some on the greens.

Tom even won the 2021 PGA Long-Drive competition 👀

So the next time you and your group head out to the course and cuss up a storm or break a club in frustration…

You’re just preparing to be a Superhero 👍

(Or at least a multi-millionaire actor)

And that logic is rock solid.

Your Choice of Tips

Your feedback fuels this section!

We aim to dish out top-notch golf advice, and this week, you're in the driver's seat.

As you’re well aware…

I love putting tips on here to help all of us improve our golf game.

(I mean with the amount of time we spend on the greens…you’d hope there’d be at least SOME improvement 😂)

But I plan on writing this newsletter for a looooong time.

And because of that I want to be sure I’m giving you tips that you…

✅ Find useful


✅ Find applies to your current game

Of course I’ll also throw in my trademark terrible jokes to…

BUT I want to ensure I’m adding in tips that help you feel proud of yourself when you step off that golf cart at the end of the day.

So, I have two ideas for what to write about for Thursday’s email and which ever gets the most responses I’ll send out.

So just reply to this email with your favorite choice below.

Your choices for Thursday’s Tip are going to be…

1️⃣ The 3 Secrets PGA Players Use to Improve Their Putt

2️⃣ What the Top Golf Coaches Recommend Players Do To Break 90’s or under! (No Matter The Course)

And obviously, if you have a golf struggle you feel I’m not talking about LET ME KNOW!!

That’s all for today. Thanks so much for reading ya’ll.

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