McIlroy’s 4 Water Shots: More Splash than a Pool Party!

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🏌️‍♂️ Lessons Learned from McIlroy’s 4 Hazard Shots at the Irish Open

🏌️‍♂️ Video Proof that “Beginner’s Luck” Exists

🏌️‍♂️ How to Play Better From the Fairway

📰 Lessons Learned from McIlroy’s 4 Water Shots at the Irish Open

This weekend Rory McIlroy had an interesting round of golf on this last weekend at his home country’s National Open, to say the least.

While he did sink 4 shots into water hazards, two of them one after the other, I think he had an insane showcase of why he gets paid the big bucks.

This is because even with 4 shots needing him to drop onto the course he still shot a 7-birdie 66.

And that’s not to mention the day prior when he dropped a 69…

(Please keep your middle school humor to yourself)

Where McIlroy sunk an Eagle on a par-5

ALL OF THAT was done after taking time off to nurse a back injury which means he went in without too many balls hit leading up to this weekend.

Now I’m not here to just sing this man’s praises after seeing him do something I definitely can’t do myself.

What really stood out to me, other than placing 16th with a recent injury and 4 hazard shots, is that he had an amazing interview afterward as well.

He didn’t blame those shots or his placing on his injury.

In the post-tournament interview, he highlighted his biggest struggle instead was not capitalizing on his fairway shots

He took full responsibility for those mishaps and showed the most important thing professional golfers learn how to do…

Shake off bad games and get ready for the next one.

The number one thing that separates professional players from average players (and elite players from professional players) is this ability.

On the times you shank your shot when you’re closing in on the lead, how easy is it to get in your head and self-sabotage the holes that follow?

It’s such a crucial skill that not only takes practice to learn but also maintain.

And all of this is even more difficult when you’re golfing with someone who then hits a shot like this…

😂 Video Proof that “Beginner’s Luck” Exists

Goes to show how, in the sport we all love, some days you have an off day, and others you have a miraculous one.

Although I am personally still waiting for the day I hit a hole-in-one 😂

🏌️‍♂️ How to Play Better From the Fairway

As I said at the top of this article, McIlroy said one of his biggest struggles was capitalizing on the shots that placed him on the fairway.

We all know how infuriating that can be after all.

How many times have you landed a pristine 220+ yard drive only to be left frustrated when your follow-up shots aren’t…let’s just say “great”?

For me, I’ve spent countless hours on the driving range working on every part of my swing to make sure I get a strong first hit.

The follow-up shots are where I find I have the most inconsistency.

Here’s what I’m working on next then to ensure I take advantage of those shots that land me on track to go sub-par.

From everything I’ve been reading and watching, I call it the 3 Steps to Sexy 3 Woods

(Patent pending on the amazing name of course)

1️⃣ Ball Position - The ball should be one ball length from the center of your legs

2️⃣ Strong Stroke - Don’t overcompensate on your swing, let the backside of the club rest on the fairway so the weight and the club face do all the work

3️⃣ Open the Legs - Don’t confuse the 3-wood for an iron, widen your stance so you can fully utilize the length of the shaft and get the power in your swing.

When using your 3-wood to close the distance of around 190-235 yards to hole you need to make sure you’re utilizing its full capacity.

You don’t swing it like a driver, and you don’t swing it like an iron.

There’s a perfect balance in between that if you can find you’ll land yourself on the green in 2 shots even on a par 5.

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