SkyBalls and Ryder Cups…And Someone’s Sister?

The Ryder Cup has take the golf world by storm, the course they chose though...

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🏌️‍♂️ Final Day Before Ryder Cup!!

🏌️‍♂️ Could Have Been Worse…😂

🏌️‍♂️ The Art of the Chip (NOT the “SkyBall” 👀)

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🏌️‍♂️Final Day Before Ryder Cup!!

Alright, as of the time I’m writing this I still don’t know what the Ryder Cup will be in terms of pairings…

But from the time most of you open this email, you won’t know about it either so it’s not like I tried lol.

By noontime today though the announcements should be out!!

In the meantime then we have some speculation to do on this course we’ll be seeing this weekend 👀

“What’s the course have to do with anything?”

You may be wondering.

Well, here’s why it’s important.


This means those walking the 18 are going to have a hard time doing it twice.

Something that Viktor Hovland made special mention about earlier in December.

This isn’t too mention how hard the course will be on the 12th hole when they play through the Roman Coliseum

Okay that last part isn’t true but it still will be a difficult course all the same, actually highlighted an interesting report on the three most difficult holes that could “make or break” the tournament for either.

(We’re not affiliated with them in any way but it is a good read all the same)

All of golf has seemingly come to a halt in preparation for this bi-yearly event though.

You can’t find any news reports on anything else right now…

Even is milking this tournament for everything it’s got with an entire article being written about a reporter who asked if “a tie would like kissing your sister”

Really thrilling stuff happening this week 😂

But hey maybe I’ll just have to make up for all of this with a special Ryder Cup Report tomorrow or Saturday 👀

🏌️‍♂️ Could Have Been Worse...😂

🏌️‍♂️ The Art of the Chip (NOT the “SkyBall” 👀)

And since we’ve got the Ryder Cup coming up I figured we’d go a little more advanced on the golf tip for today.

The ART of the chip.

(We are talking about chipping the golf ball and not potato chips in case you’re reading this around lunch time and just got hungry)

This really is an art though because it separates the goods from the greats when you can chip in a shot to the hole from more than 20 feet out.

Heck even if you can land it within 5 feet of the hole from that far away you’re probably better than 70% of golfers on most courses out there.

But I am NOT talking about the shots that look like this by the way 👇

And here’s why…

When using the chip shot to sink in or set up a shot that’s more than 20 feet away, you’re going to be using your roll.

We are NOT, and I repeat, NOT trying to do a swish shot over here.

That’s what the black top is for and we are on the green top (see what I did there? #DadJokesForTheWin)

Utilizing the roll of the ball after your shot lands might seem counterintuitive because the curve of the green can be unpredictable on a course you haven’t seen before


It’s what almost every PGA player recommends.

And I trust those guys a little.


If you’re ever in a competition (friendly or official) it can help you secure the podium when there’s only a few shots between you and your opponent

So here’s how to master the ART of the chip.

1️⃣ Watch your bounce

If you are trying to truly chip in a shot you are going to want to ensure your ball isn’t landing and stopping on a dime like I said.

This is what the “Sky Ball” most people try and do does and while they’re fun shots to do, they will only get you so far.

You’ll achieve this by standing closer to the ball with it at just under your eyes and the club at around a 30 degree angle.

Now, here’s the most important step…

2️⃣ Loosen Your Elbows

When most people are learning this shot they squeeze their elbows too much and it results in them either:

Chipping the ball and sending it flying past the hole


Using their wrists as opposed to their core during their swing and having a just unpredictable shot.


3️⃣ Swing Through Your Shot

No, I don’t mean go full driver backswing.

Swinging through is incredibly important though because if you are chipping from the green you will need PRACTICE.

Stopping at a weird half swing every time is too inconsistent to the point where you don’t really know how reliable your shot is.

Sometimes it’s too far because you over swung but stopped too shy and sometime you end up hitting too shy because you under swung yet followed through more.

Have the same swing every time and get familiar with how far your ball goes at 20% strength versus at 40%

That consistency in swinging will allow you to get confident in knowing just how far off you can be and still bring out that pitching wedge.

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