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🏌️‍♂️ It’s arms day for golfers

🏌️‍♂️ Those ugly swing that are frustratingly good…😂

🏌️‍♂️ Supply Chain Problems incoming

It’s arms day for golfers

That’s right, it’s an excuse to work the arms extra this week.

But hey…

Our newsletter readers aren’t a bunch of upside down triangles walking around the golf course either.

Credit to Andy Haley

(And if that hurt the soul a bit then you might be that guy…sorry)

So don’t skip that squat machine because you don’t want to be “sore on the course”

Alright, now that that’s out of the way

In a few short lines…

(I know some of my newsletters get lengthy, sorry about that lol)

What’s essential about your arms in your swing are two things your:

Shaft Pressure and Face Pressure.

I was learning this last weekend while watching a video from Danny Maude on his LIVE golf lesson he got from Pete Cowen

Now, that video is over 36-minutes long and after watching it…

Along with another 30-40 minute geek out on these two facets of our favorite sport…

There are TWO key things almost everyone does wrong that reduces these essential components of our swing

#1 People either LEAD or TRAIL with their arms

I want you to do me a favor for this one, stand up and act like you’re about to hit a normal golf swing.

When most people do this they are either…

LEADING or TRAILING with their club on their swing which greatly reduces the impact your club face has on the ball.

We LEAD with our club when we come down to the ball and our lead elbow is ahead of our hip.

At this point of our swing or lead arm needs to be almost parallel with our lead leg like this 👇

On the other side of this you have when you’re TRAILING

Which in case you haven’t guessed it happens when your lead arm is too far behind.

In case you don’t know which you tend to do on the course just pay attention to how your shot leans.

SLICING or CHIPPING your shot often results from swinging your arms faster than you’re rotating your hips


HOOKING or DROPPING your shot often results from not swinging your arms fast enough.

Now let’s talk about that Shaft Pressure

#2 People FORGET they have forearms


You know that big lump of space between your wrist and your elbow?

We’re using that today.

Danny Maude called this part “turning the face down to the ball”

For this you’re going to be opening up the face of your club to maximize the speed of your swing.

It might seem difficult to picture in your mind but if you do the drill of…

✅ Starting from almost a quarter swing

✅ Get as much force as you can from there to the ball

You’ll be surprised how much extra yardage it adds to your shot


It will increase your accuracy with ensuring your club face is always open at the bottom of your swing

Now, I also have some terrible swings with (frustratingly) great results for you today

Those ugly swing that are frustratingly good…😂

Links around the web

Supply Chain Problems incoming

There sadly was an explosion at Launch Technologies, a golf-ball manufacturer in Taiwan just a few weeks ago.

Golf News has more in-depth coverage in case you want to read up on the full story.

Now I’m not here to make light of the situation or down your mood today but this is an important story of golfers everywhere.

This facility is one of the top producers of golfballs for companies like

  • Callaway

  • Mizuno

  • Bridgestone

  • TaylorMade

  • And loads of other smaller companies as well

Now, obviously Callaway will be fine.

They’ve got several factories in case such situation happens.

But if you’re a fan of a niche ball provider you might experience some supply chain issues if not seeing price hikes as well.

So this means you may only have two options going forward,

1️⃣ Stock up on balls now before any price hikes or supply chain problems occur

2️⃣ Try out some new balls from other companies

If you can though…

Stay patient with the small brands if you’re already buying from them.

I’m not going to get all preachy over here on this obviously, you do with your money what you want.

But as someone who’s seen supply chain drastically impact friends’ business and brands I know how far that loyalty goes to them.

Alright, enough sad stories and stuff.

Here’s another funny meme

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