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  • Dive into the golf drama you didn’t know you needed (and shots to master)

Dive into the golf drama you didn’t know you needed (and shots to master)

Peek into the clubhouse chatter: Essential shots every golfer needs and the LIV vs. PGA rivalry that's shaking up the greens.

Got your golf gloves ready? 'Cause I've handpicked a smorgasbord of golf gold for you today. Here's a little preview of the clubhouse chat we're diving into:

  • 🏌️‍♂️ Four Arrows in Your Quiver: The Golf Shots You Can't Skip

  • 🤓 LIV Golf vs. PGA showdown has more twists than a roller coaster.

  • ⛳️ Are you playing at the Poor Man’s Pebble Beach

Keep scrolling for your Daly fix of golf nuggets, swing secrets, and yes, a splash of drama to spice things up. Let's get the ball rollin', shall we? ⛳

Trivia Question: On October 16, 2000, ____?_____ won their first major championship at the age of 24 at the PGA Championship. Answer Below.

🏌️‍♂️ From Duffer to Dazzler

4 Shots Every Golfer Needs

What pops into your mind when I say GOLF SHOTS?

And hey, I ain't talkin' about those tequila shots you had last weekend. 🥃😉

Instead, today, we're diving into the magic world of the DRAW, FADE, LOW, and HIGH shots. Y'know, the fun stuff!

Remember when Phil Mickelson, that legend who’s got more than 40 PGA tour wins under his belt, once said... well, here’s a little something to refresh your memory.

But let's slice deeper into those shots:

How high? Or how low? It's all about assessing your surroundings. Yes, the wind plays its part, and so does the roll you want your shot to have.

But remember, while theory sounds easy, practice is a whole different beast.

💡 Tip: That breeze you feel? Don’t just default to a low shot. A good wind can turn your drive into a jet and give you an extra 20-30 yards, if you read and play it right. And I'm not talking about tornado weather here. 😂 Check out this hilarious video for proof.


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DRAW and FADE shots are the tricksters of the group. A tiny mistake and bam, you're in the woods. Key here? Understand the difference between your Swing Path and Club Swing. Trying to draw? Stick with your usual swing path and just nudge your club to the right. It's all in the feet and wrists, folks.

💡 Tip: If you're scratching your head, check out Danny Maude’s tutorial. He's got the juice on this.

Let's not forget LOW and HIGH shots. It's all about the underbelly of the ball and the might you pack in your swing. Find that golden middle ground - not too high, not too low. Because, as with everything in life, balance is 🔑.

Alright, golf pals. That’s your Daly dose of golf wisdom. Remember to keep practicing, keep swinging, and always... find your BALANCE.

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 🤓 Clubhouse Critiques

LIV Strikes Back After Losing Bid For World Ranking Points

Picture this: executives of two golfing titans clashing, top players throwing shade, and well... a lot of banter that feels eerily like the children of billionaires arguing over their inheritances.

But hey, it’s entertaining, and I've got my snacks ready!

Here's the latest scoop:
Last week, LIV Golf got handed the short end of the stick – denied the chance to earn world ranking points. A blow for players dreaming of those world titles and access to international tournaments.

Now, why the cold shoulder? Apparently, LIV Golf's unique format isn’t "compatible" with the ranking system.

Or as Peter Dawson told the Associated Press, they aren’t "playing in a format where they can be ranked equitably."

But let’s face it – LIV's format? That’s some refreshing, viewer-friendly golf.

However, the real elephant in the room? LIV Golf's backing by the Saudi Arabian government. Politics and golf, an odd cocktail, but here we are.

Yet, LIV Golf ain’t backing down. They're arguing: How's it a "World Ranking" without the world's top players? Valid point, considering golf giants like Brooks Koepka, Taylor Gooch, Cameron Smith, and Dustin Johnson have pitched their tents with LIV.

It feels like the aftermath of the Marvel movies post-Endgame:

But the big question isn't just for the elites of golf.

It's for us, the audience, the golf lovers: Do we want to see LIV's top-tier players competing on the global stage?

Time to chip in with your thoughts! Drop a comment, share your views, and let's keep the golfing conversation going.

⛳️ Fairway to Heaven

Would you play a round at the Poor Man’s Pebble Beach?

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Trivia Answer: On October 16, 2000, 🏆 TIGER WOODS 🏆 won their first major championship at the age of 24 at the PGA Championship.

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