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Transform Your Game in 20 Mins With The Golfer's Pre-Weekend Workout

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Are you stretched and ready to go? 'Cause we’re getting into things today that not only will get you excited for the future of the sport of golf and your new “golf bod”.

Keep scrolling for your Daly fix of golf nuggets, swing secrets, and yes, a splash of drama to spice things up. Let's get the ball rollin', shall we? ⛳

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🏌️‍♂️ From Duffer to Dazzler

Best exercises to prepare you for this weekend’s golf trip

Hit the gym to CRUSH the greens this week

If you’re wanting to work on your golf swing off the course a great thing to do is strengthening the parts of your body that help you to deliver that killer drive you’ve been working on.


The right exercises also help you to maintain your strength through those longer rounds of golf.

In an interview with Dicks Sporting Goods Rory McIlroy said the following about the importance of doing those exercises before you even pick up a club 👇

And while any workouts you do that focus on Shoulder Strength, Back Flexibility, Quads, etc. are helpful…

Here’s a simple routine you can do just a couple days this week to get in (or even maintain) peak golf performance.

It should only take you about 20 minutes and while it isn’t going to make you walk away dripping in sweat…

(Though if it does that might be a sign of other things than your golf swing to work on)

But it will focus on developing the explosiveness you need to increase your ball swing speed AND help to maintain your endurance.

1️⃣ Vertical Jumps

👉 10 reps for max height

👉 Focus on going down to about 90 degree squat before jumping

👉 IMPORTANT: Your goal is to not to finish this as fast as possible but instead to jump as high as possible on each rep, you’ll be surprised how sore just 10 of these will make you

2️⃣ Two-Hand Medicine Ball Throws

👉 10 reps throwing max distance with back straight

👉 For weight, try to go 20-35lbs. We’re training muscles here, NOT trying to become Mr. Olympia. Work on pushing the weight as far as possible

👉 Best to do in a chair if you can and have your partner retrieve it or if that’s not possible just stand 8-10 feet back from a fortified wall

👉 IMPORTANT: You’re not going for a world record with these but instead trying to keep your back straight to force the rest of your body (especially your chest and triceps) to help you push the ball forward

3️⃣ Dumbbell lunges

👉 2 sets of 8 each leg

👉 “If you can’t do above 50% of your bodyweight for 8 reps then it’s actually a tell-tale sign that improving your strength is the main thing holding you back” - Jon Tattersall, Top 100 Coach at Titleist Performance Institute

4️⃣ One Arm Cable Chess Press

👉 2 sets of 8 each arm

👉 For these you want about 30% of your body weight.

5️⃣ Weighted Russian Twists

👉 3 sets of 10 each side with kettle bell (weight is entirely up to you)

And in case you want to incorporate or work on mobility, here’s a video from Fit For Golf you might enjoy

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