Becoming "Short Game King" and WHO the "Game of Kings" Is Over???

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  • 5️⃣ Steps to Better Short Game Practices

  • 🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 The Boys Have OFFICIALLY Taken Golf From the “Bougie”

  • 📊 Power Rankings: The Genesis Invitational - PGA TOUR

Trivia Question: What is the most attended Golf Tournament in the world? Answer Below.

🏌️‍♂️ From Duffer to Dazzler

5 Steps to Better Short Game Practices

Before we begin this is a really important question,

Do you PRACTICE golf or PLAY golf?

Now I don’t say that to be offensive, honestly.

Some people love just playing a fun 18-holes and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Every golf group needs someone to be in charge of the vibes.

On the other hand, if you really are sick and tired of messing up your shots from the edge of the green then these 5 steps are great to try out the next time you’re practicing your golf swing.

Step #1: Learn to Read Your Divots. If you can lay out 5 balls about 1-2 feet from one another, this’ll really help you to see the effect different strokes have. The first time you do this I recommend you try to really over exaggerate leaning the club forward vs leaning backwards on the first two and then finding the happy medium between them. Allow yourself to see how every thing you’ve learned ACTUALLY affects how much you get underneath the ball. Practicing this will drastically reduce how consistent you can get with each tip you’re focusing on.

Step #2: Don’t Just Loft, Roll. Definitely know I’m speaking to myself just as much as anyone else here on this one, but great short game doesn’t just mean you can get your ball to skyrocket up and stop on a dime. Getting the ball to stop where you want it is just as important. When you’re on the edge of the green this is all the more true. Get comfortable knowing how much your wedges roll and your hybrid chipper if you have one. I even golfed with a guy who would practically sink 20-foot puts with a 3-wood. When you learn how to roll the ball on the greens your putting game rarely becomes an issue.

Step #3: Check Your Clubs. This may seem similar to the last one but it’s not. After all, there’s a BIG difference between hitting a 20-foot shot with a wedge as opposed to trying to hit a 30 or even 40-foot shot. Trying each of those distances with different clubs helps you see just how different each club feels and which one works best for you. You have more than 3-clubs in your bag after all, use them

Step #4: The Lift is in the Hands. Notice I didn’t say “loft”. You can practice the impressive flop shot on your own time, but if you’re trying to find the balance between having lift to your chip shot and not smacking it all the way to the next tee box then it’s likely due to your hands. Having a lighter grip on your hands allows the club face to do more of the work and your swing to have less distance on the ball.

Step #5: Practice Under Pressure. Now, this might just be the most important one. We all know how easy it is to hit in practice. Hitting when you’re on hole 16, and on track to break 90 for the first time, is a whole other thing. So be sure to practice under pressure to. Do this by either making it fun and adding bets with friends on the practice holes or working out before you hit the practice shots so you’re mentally and physically more strained.

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 🤓 Clubhouse Critiques

🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 The Boys Have OFFICIALLY Taken Golf From the “Bougie”

You’ve heard it here first.

The game of golf has gone from being the “Game of Kings” to the Game of the Working Class.

Now get ready for the proof.

This last weekend was the Waste Management Phoenix Open and it was a sight to be hold, there even was a guy who streaked across the 16th hole 😂

While this was definitely a disturbance to the game with even some golfers like Zach Johnson claiming he likely wouldn’t be returning next year,

It was still amazing to see the influx of the “working class” in golf showing up to the tournament.

This giant increase in golfers has been amazing for the sport in my opinion.

I seriously love it when new people find this sport and join in our ranks of golf addicts.

(Just as long as they don’t take too long ahead of me and let us play through if they are)

Speaking of giant increases though…

The amount of spectators drinking at this event was like walking around a college during rush week.

Highly recommend checking out some of the videos Barstool Sports took if you like drunk people doing drunk people things 😂

The insane amount of alcohol also showed what a lot of people mainly go to the golf course for which I found funny also.

But, going back to what we were originally talking about, this weekend really showed just how much people love golf even though they’re not the typical “Bougie” clientele the sport is used to.

(Although there is an “Alcohol Secret Origin” to Golf 👀)

What were your thoughts about the tournament??

Did you like this last weekend's Waste Management Golf Tournament??

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Waste Management Phoenix Open!

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