7 Tips PGA Players and Coaches Recommend to Get Below 90

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  • 7 Tips PGA Players and Coaches Recommend to Get Below 90

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Trivia Question: Who won a record six PGA Player of the Year Awards-Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer or Tom Watson? Answer Below.

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7 Tips PGA Players and Coaches Recommend to Get Below 90

Breaking the “90 Barrier” is one of the biggest benchmarks for golfers.

For people like you and me it’s the telltale sign that we are better than average.

And as well let’s us know the time and money we’ve spent is more than worth it.

But let’s also break down the science of what it takes to get below 90 on our score cards.

In case you hadn’t thought it through before, to get at most an 89…

You can only go above par 17 times throughout the entire 18 holes 

OR have a cumulative score of no more than +17.

If you already knew that, then sorry for wasting your time 😬

With that being said though it also leads me right into the first tip:

1️⃣ Spend time on your weaknesses. Taking a look at your last couple of scorecards will easily let you know where you gain the most strokes. Maybe you struggle on par 5 holes or simply ones with water hazards. Regardless of where you struggle the most, try to carve out time just practicing on those.

2️⃣ Hit Your Wedges. Your wedge is one of the most important clubs in your bag, so if these are your weakness then I HIGHLY recommend you focus on them. But ensure every time you get to the driving range you’re practicing laying these up as close to the pin as you can.

3️⃣ One Course at A Time. You won’t be able to break 90 at every course at the beginning. So try and find one course you and your group can play at more frequently so you can focus on getting the best score possible there. This will help break any negative thinking of “it can’t be done”.

4️⃣ Practice in the Rain. Going along with working on your weaknesses, you don’t always have the shot you want. Practice hard shots intentionally when you can or even take a mulligan and redo hard shots during your round of 18.

Case and point below 👇

5️⃣ Master Your Par 3’s. Like I said before, breaking 90 is just ensuring every hole is a bogie at most. If you can ensure your par 3’s are sunk at 3 or even 2 then you’ve boughten yourself some grace on the harder par 4’s and 5’s.

6️⃣ Nail Your First Tee. You never want to start out the day with a rough start. So try and be as calm and focused as possible from the get go with breathing exercises or practice shots at the range and you’ll set yourself up for success.

7️⃣ Don’t Follow Bad Shots With Bad Decisions. You’re undoubtedly going to have bad shots when you play. Even with only 89 shots taken throughout the day, you’ll have a couple accidental hooks or chipping the top of the ball. This is why staying calm and aiming for the safe fairway shot as opposed to the impossible “play the slice” to land next to the hole shot is always recommended by scratch golfers. (No matter what that miniature Tiger Woods voice is saying on your shoulder)

And that concludes our 7 Tips PGA Players and Coaches Recommend to Get Below 90.

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Trivia Answer:

Tom Watson won a record six PGA Player of the Year Awards!

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