60-Seconds to A Better Backswing

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  • 60-Seconds to A Better Backswing

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Trivia Question: True or False? The word caddie originated from the French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. Answer Below.

🏌️‍♂️ From Duffer to Dazzler

60-Seconds to A Better Backswing

When it comes to your backswing, only a few things really can have REAL impact on your game.

✅ Your Arm Position

✅ Your Club Face

✅ Your Stance

So I wanted to show you some of the videos I’ve found that help with each.


Your Arm Position

Pay special attention to how he opens his elbow up at his midswing

(Most people make the mistake of keeping it open the whole time)


Your Club Face.

If your club face is off at the top of your swing then you know it’s going to be messed up when it hits the ball.

Try thinking about this one the next time you’re swinging with your irons or driver.

Point the shaft to the ball line.


We need to work on your power.

The backswing doesn’t just help with accuracy after all.

Using your legs the right way helps to get those extra yards out of our swings!

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 🤓 Clubhouse Critiques

The Dawn of the Dads Has Arrived…

In case you missed it, earlier this month the boys,

(or at least the drunk boys 😂)

Took over the golf course at the Waste Management Open.

Well next month it looks like the Dads are likely to arise from the ashes and descend upon the greens.

And guess what?




Shoutout as always to ChatGPT for making up for my lack of graphic design skills 😂

But for real, dads are big for golf.

In case you didn’t know, a lot of people who golf have kids and even grandkids.

(Shocking, I know)

This weekend though my social media timeline was blowing up with dads taking their kids on the course and I was loving it.

I even saw a new golf stroller that I might be sending over to my brother so we can play with my nieces and nephews this season!

And that’s not an ad for that company by the way, we’ll always let you know when we’re affiliated with companies and when we can get you all the good deals 😉

PGA Tour even says BECOMING a dad can improve your golf game 👀 

So feel free to send that to your buddies who are holding out on giving your kids best friends.

Or of course keep that link away from your spouse that’s pressuring you to have kids lol.

We don’t judge here at Just the Tips.

But a lot of pros use their kids to help them train for golf…

With all of this said, another reason I love seeing golfers out with their kids is, according to ResearchGate, 68.5% of Junior Golfers had their first experience golfing with a parent.

So get those kids out on the golf course and give me some good future golfers to watch on the PGA Tour in the future 😂.

What are your thoughts on golfing with kids?

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It came from the french word for student, “cadet.”

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