4 Secrets to "Rickie Fowler-Like" Backspins

When it comes to nailing important shots, the backspin is one of the most important parts

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🏆 The Secrets to “Rickie Fowler-Like” Backspins

🏆 Arnold Palmer Invitational: Scheffler Sinks In Shots Back to Back

🏆 Bert Kreischer’s Motivational Golf Speech??

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The Secrets to “Rickie Fowler-Like” Backspins

Not all shots are created equal. Even Rickie says that all the training and experience in the world can’t prevent bad grass, slope, or weather from ruining your shot.

Strike a pose. Hold your shot afterwards so there’s nothing bringing your shot off line. This is also great for having others check your shot or for filming so you can see where you’re ending up.

Keep ball forward in your stance. The more forward it is (too an extent obviously), the steeper the ball comes down and the more your backspin kicks in. Peter Finch Golf has a 4-minute video that briefly goes over this.

Get under the ball, NOT the grass. When you create a divot with your wedge…you’ve messed up. The hole club face needs to hit your ball if you want maximum backspin. Any grass between your ball and the grooves of your club (don’t forget to keep those filed by the way) reduces grip and your spin to.

Keep weight on leading foot. Rickie recommended to try and keep 60-70% of your weight on your lead foot. This allows you to reduce the power and distance your shot has while allowing your club and form to do all the work.

Best luck on taking these out to the greens this weekend!!

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 🤓 Clubhouse Critiques

Arnold Palmer Invitational: Scheffler Sinks In Shots Back to Back

If you ever want to see a masterclass on how to beat out your competition…

Just watch how Scottie Scheffler played this weekend.

He made EVERY putt within 15 feet.

And that’s not an exaggeration.

There wasn’t a single bogie on his score card.

In fact, he even set a record for the best score of the final round by 2 shots.

I couldn’t recommend watching his 15-minute highlight video from this weekend enough.

Credit to Golf Week

One of my favorite things about his impressive victory is what he said after his match,

"I think this week I did a really good job of not letting the misses get to me." - ESPN

For those who have been following him already, they know how big those misses hurt him in the past.

He’s one of those guys that just plays out of their mind…

Until they have to pick up their putter.

I’m talking about the people with amazing 150+ yard shots with a 7-iron that lands just outside of the green and score a 4 on a par 5.

But then they somehow 3-putt.

Somehow this week though, he took that putting game from the past and left it in his hotel room on the way to the course.

Wyndam Clark said, in regards to Scheffler’s putting game, "I never want to wish ill on anybody, but if he starts putting positive each week, it's going to be really hard to beat."


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