The “3 Athlete Buttons” to Hit Your Driver Further

In Today’s Issue:

  • The “3 Athlete Buttons” to Hit Your Driver Further

  • BIG Things Happened at PGA Tour’s Genesis Event

  • At Riviera, Hideki Matsuyama's controversial finish looked different

  • And Much More!!

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🏌️‍♂️ From Duffer to Dazzler

The “3 Athlete Buttons” to Hit Your Driver Further

I’m not sure if you’ve heard this name yet or not…

Martin Borgmeier, the current world record holder of the longest drive.

Which a confirmed 520 yards in case you didn’t know.

And today he’s going to be your coach to hit your driver further.

He’ll be giving us what he calls the, “3 Athlete Buttons”

🔵 Button #1 - The Takeaway. Your takeaway is your preparation before you swing. Martin’s unique style is that every golfer needs to have more movement in their swing. He’s a firm believer that “static golf is not made for distance.” What he recommends is that people create “triggers” in their takeaway. Something that preps your body to get into the unique form you only really use with a driver. His is he slightly moves back and shifts between his left and right foot before lifting his club back. You can watch his approach to this HERE.

🔵 Button #2 - The Backswing. Going along with the previous tip on emphasizing movement, Martin Borgmeier has probably one of the fastest backswings around. When asked why he did this he related it to loading a spring. After all, it can sometimes be easier to pull a spring back faster than moving it slowly. Increasing that speed on your backswing and then slamming it down at the same speed allows you to increase the length of your “hand path” and allow your swing to have more time and space to build up speed. It’s speed first, then distance. So if you can focus on increasing your speed you can increase how far your ball ends up going

To ensure you don’t pull something in your back trying this, I’d recommend watching some of 18Strong’s videos to stay limber

🔵 Button #3 - The downswing. Now that you’re moving and grooving you’re ready to unleash that swing on the ball. See, amateurs make the mistake of moving the shoulder and pelvis at the same time. This makes it so you come down hard on the ball and shank it in the bushes. Instead, move your foot, then your pelvis, then your shoulders. Having this sequence down is key so make sure your left heel is off the ground at the beginning of your swing so you can slam it down and rip through your swing. This exact sequence is also one of the triggers he uses to get ready for those big swings you need to catch up after you 3-putt one too many times.

Now, this isn’t too say you should throw accuracy out the window but instead to try to unleash your speed and then work on making that more accurate afterwards.

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 🤓 Clubhouse Critiques

BIG Things Happened at PGA Tour’s Genesis Event

In just a few lines to sum up this last weekend’s PGA Tournament:

✅ Hideki Matsuyama clenched his 7th PGA Masters

✅ Tiger had a brush with Influenza but had a clean bill of health the following day

Oh and…

✅ Jordan Spieth was almost disqualified for going to be the bathroom.

If you want a full recap of the actual game PGA made a really good video for you 👇


You know how much I love the rest of these types of stories.

Now I personally don’t care for the story about Jordan Spieth.

It’s a funny title (one of the main reasons I included it) but other than that it’s basically a self-reporting error he made on his scorecard.

Tiger and Hideki on the other hand.

THAT was a crazy way to end this weekend.

Hideki had a wicked impressive close to the tour and he pulled an all-time low record of a 62 at the Genesis Open.

Strangely enough, the entire time I was watching it I was more and more excited to watch the Netflix series that’d recap the weekend lol.

But even Tiger Woods made a comment on how historic his playing was!

Sadly though, Tiger wasn’t there to congratulate the 7-time champ because of his sickness.

Hearing Hideki even say he was sad he couldn’t shake his idols hand was all the more heartbreaking.

Luckily we’ll see these two athletes back on the course in the next little bit!

Who knows what is in store for us at the next Golf Tournament!!

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The USA has the most golf courses per capita 🇺🇸🦅

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