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  • Increasing Club Swing in 15 Minutes

  • Callaway’s Stock Drop is TopGolf’s Fault?

  • Rahm eyes 'a way back' to play PGA Tour events

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🏌️‍♂️ From Duffer to Dazzler

Increasing Club Swing in 15 Minutes

Most of today’s tip comes from Long Drive Competitor Seb Twaddell and Rypstick founder Dr. Luke Benoit’s session with Golf Science Lab.

(Out of all the posts I read and videos I watched on the topic they seriously knocked it out of the park)

And before we get into it it’s important I ask you this question…

Do you ACTUALLY know what your Club Swing Speed is??

These tips will be a lot more applicable to you once you know not only:

👉 How fast your swing is now


👉 What you Swing Speed GOAL is

Work on Hip Flexibility.The least flexible part of most adults is their hips. Which is tragic because that’s one of the most important part of a PGA level golf swing. Before you step up to the greens then be sure to work on them either in the gym or at least while stretching

Go for a fuller swing. When you’re working on your form, you obviously reduce the size of your swing but to increase your actual speed and nail your driver an extra 20-50 yards you’ll need as much momentum behind that ball as possible.

Increase the speed of your backswing. If you’re actually flexible, this is where your advantage really comes in. Going faster on your backswing in a controlled way allows you to treat your hips and back muscles like an elastic band as your wind them back and get ready to rip. (Warning: Doing this will IMMEDIATELY let you know just how inflexible you are 😂)

Keep your wrists relaxed. One of the biggest things people forget when they’re swinging their clubs is that your forearms are a very useful tool. If you really want to stay at the 100 mph+ club head speed, utilizing that extra muscle is one of the only ways to do it.

Try 5 rapid breaths and hold the last one out.This will definitely be the most awkward one to try out and get used to but it’s a well known fact that breathwork drastically improves focus. So the next time you step up to the driving range for practice, see how changing up breathing on your approach helps to prime your body.

Longer and more flexible shafts for your driver. Now I’m not going to say that the “only thing keeping you from being better is a new club”…HOWEVER, the data does show that just increasing your club length 2-3 inches can equate up to an 8 mph increase in club swing.

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 🤓 Clubhouse Critiques

Callaway’s Stock Drop is TopGolf’s Fault?

Before we get into this I think it’s important I write out a carefully written disclaimer on how this newsletter is not to be taken as financial advice.

So here it is…

Disclaimer: The following information is not financial advice but the writings of a golf addict who found the aforementioned story interesting. His financial education is not extensive and his jokes are not that funny. Both of which he is well aware of.

Alright with that out of the way,

I’m not sure how much you’ve been following the Callaway stock price this last week…

Credit to Google Finance

Now everyone is talking about that 20% drop in the last few days but that can potentially be just fear and day traders fluctuating the price.

You see, on November 8th the Callaway Earnings Call Report reported a net income drop of 23% to $29.7 million for this quarter.

It’s not uncommon for people to read that number alone and jump ship out of fear they’ll lose the money the put in.

(Which drops the stock price even more and causes even more people to pull out)

To put this story in 60 second Synopsis or less though…

TopGolf is responsible for 43.02% of Callaway’s total revenue and is racing to become the “Amazon” of new age golf ranges.

Since 2021, they’ve built or are currently building 33 of the 88 total TopGolf venues.

It remains to be seen if this will be the winning strategy for this form of “golf simulators” as we’ve also talked a ton about the entirely VR golf simulators that have equally been rising in popularity.

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